King July 12, 2019

With a Ryan Murphy–size budget and a certified-authentic ballroom imprimatur, Pose packs in more culture per episode than most shows do in a season. And while meticulously crafted series like Stranger Things and GLOW act as nostalgic monuments to their eras, Pose is a living history; a celebration of the music and fashion that defined life in ballroom, which, in turn, reverberated (and […]

King June 29, 2019

Viewing money through the lens of culture is a relatively new concept. Historically, the financial service world has focused on money as a fairly one-size-fits-all conversation. While intentions have always been good, financial advisors (and the personal finance community as a whole) are now becoming more intentional in acknowledging the way that culture impacts finances. […]

King June 17, 2019

For two decades, L3 Technologies operated largely in the shadows — not only publicly, but also within its own walls. Throughout most of the company’s two-decade existence, executives in a midtown Manhattan highrise quietly oversaw a diverse group of businesses, some of which competed against each other for work. That’s not the case anymore. Over the past […]

King June 11, 2019

Starting a new business is a time of great excitement. You’re ready to begin your journey as a business owner and have a team of passionate employees to follow your lead. But apart from the early logistics of operations and product development, you also need to think about your company’s culture from the get-go. Promoting […]

King June 9, 2019

Having come in with loads of experience and a fair amount of understanding about Indian hockey Graham Reid is still coming to terms with the ‘culture’ here since taking charge two months ago. That is a word he repeatedly goes back to when trying to explain the Indian team, the players, the system and the challenges […]

King May 7, 2019

In August 2016, I faced a task many startup founders fear most: I had to lay off more than 50 percent of our staff just two years after founding my company. I personally had to look these team members in the eye, tell them they’d be losing their jobs that day and watch their expressions […]

King May 6, 2019

Chewbacca, a fictional character, has left a lasting legacy on popular culture as well as science, as the naming of the beetle shows. (Source: Wikimedia Commons) On Saturday, May 4, Science News magazine’s Twitter handle replugged a report from 2016 with the words: “In a galaxy far, far away, Chewbacca is a 7.5-foot-tall Wookiee. On […]

King April 30, 2019

Shinjini Das speaks at the 2017 Silicon Valley LIT College Tour at San Jose State University. (Photo by Mark C.) MARK JEROME CRUZ From 2010 to 2014, new immigration plus births to immigrants added 8.3 million residents to the country, equal to 87% of total U.S. population growth within these four years. In 2014, there […]

King April 27, 2019

Japanese companies have long encouraged such parties to give workers the chance to break down barriers with their bosses in an informal setting. (Bloomberg/File) It’s time to stop drinking with the boss after work. That’s the message of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc. banking unit executive Saiko Nanri, who wants to change Japan’s long-standing culture […]