King September 23, 2019

 The mountains of Connemara National Park will be turned green by light artist Kari Kola on St Patrick’s Day 2020. Photograph: Alamy Homer’s Odyssey is to be read aloud on the wind-battered beaches of Ireland’s west coast to celebrate claims that some of the mythical journey took place there, as part of Galway’s stint as European […]

King September 11, 2019

When you’re building a business, you’re essentially spinning more than a dozen plates in the air. Sales, marketing, engineering, HR, brand, business development, finance, IT and more. All those plates are moving at a rapid pace as you sprint forward. Some of them fall, and you pick them up. Some of them break, and you […]

King September 9, 2019

For one night each September, we become a nation of culture lovers. In this parallel universe, people queue to get into museums, line up outside galleries and throng the foyers of theatres. Couples have fun without alcohol, families explore architecture, cafes turn into performance spaces, bars sprout poets and it can seem as if every […]

King September 7, 2019

. I’m sitting at a brunch table in Reno with an author, a doctor and a candlemaker. They’re filthy, sunburned and covered in grey alkaline dust from spending three weeks in the open desert. They just built a pop-up city complete with safety systems, sanitation and medical care, and then burned it all to the […]

King August 27, 2019

An organization’s operating culture is closely linked to the behaviors of its leaders. PEXELS Organizational culture is all about patterns of behaviors, rules (both written and unwritten), and the ways people either live up to or ignore the values they espouse. In other words, culture is how people operate in their work environment. Culture can […]

King August 19, 2019

Writer and theatre director Robert Icke was born in Stockton-on-Tees and educated at the University of Cambridge. Since 2013, he has been associate director of the Almeida theatre in London, where his productions have included adaptations of the Oresteia (2015), for which he won best director at the 2016 Olivier awards, Uncle Vanya (2016) and Hamlet (2017). Icke will step down from the […]

King August 16, 2019

Sarah Silverman attends the Sean Penn J/P HRO gala benefiting J/P Haitian Relief Organization. (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images) GETTY IMAGES In a recent interview with The Guardian, comedian Sarah Silverman cried “cancelled,” stating that she’d been fired from an acting role after pictures of her wearing blackface for a comedic sketch resurfaced. Silverman stated: “I […]

King August 9, 2019

A pedestrian walks past a window display at a Guccio Gucci SpA store at Harbour City shopping mall, operated by Wharf Holdings Ltd., in the Tsim Sha Tsui district of Hong Kong, China, on Saturday, Dec. 9, 2017. With more Chinese tourists likely to travel to Hong Kong next year as the yuan strengthens against […]

King August 2, 2019

In 2015, Chichi Eburu spotted a gap in the beauty market: There was nothing that represented black culture as a whole. Sure, there were a growing number of brands offering more than 40 shades of foundation, but there wasn’t an alternative that was unapologetically and authentically tied to the beauty needs and culture of black women. […]

King July 24, 2019

Oof. Yikes. A new copypasta has everyone softblocking problematic villains from well known stories, all in the name of the meme. Urban Dictionary defines softblocking as “A phrase often used by Twitter users to describe the blocking of another person, then immediate unblock.” Essentially, it forces the blocked party to unknowingly unfollow the user so they […]