King February 8, 2020

Pope Francis meets with CEO's of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry

The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry or UFI is an international network of the world’s leading tradeshow organisers and fairground owners. The Association is in Rome on the occasion of its global executive summit.

Global exhibitions and solidarity

Pope Francis on Thursday greeted participants in the Vatican, telling them that “global exhibitions contribute to the growth of a culture of encounter, that strengthens bonds of solidarity and fosters mutual enrichment between the members of our human family”.

The Pope highlighted that in the case of their area of expertise, “it has been shown that fairs and exhibitions not only have positive effects on regional economies and labour markets, but also offer significant opportunities for showcasing to the wider world the rich diversity and beauty of local cultures and ecosystems.”

Care for our common home

He also stressed that their work “should promote inclusion, care for our common home, and the integral development of individuals and peoples.”

Exhibitions and the local economy

“Exhibitions that help the local economy, engage its labour force, give value and prominence to its culture and reverently respect its human and natural ecology”, Pope Francis said, “will ultimately be more successful and memorable.  They will have an impact and appeal both locally and worldwide.”

The Pope noted that despite the many potential difficulties that can arise in the course of preparing and realizing fairs and exhibitions, “these events can create a network of just human relations that can endure well beyond the event itself.”

Concluding his address, Pope Francis said they could be rightly proud of their initiatives “when they generate a stronger awareness at the service of the common good and integral development.”

He then offered his prayerful good wishes for their efforts to promote inventiveness and innovation in their industry.